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EXCLUSIVE - I even reveal my own personal story on how I created a best-selling herbal anti-aging health product business that within 2 years I collected over 400,000+ customers which I then sold it to my largest competitor for MEGA bucks!

James Brown, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan
From the desk of James Brown
Shinjuku, Tokyo.. Japan


ear Friend,

Come back with me to 2003 and let me share a little bit of my personal story (It's very relevant - and in fact, life-changing, so please bear with me)...

Earlier that year I had just witnessed the destruction of a business that I had literally poured my heart & soul into for 6 long years. I was shattered. I decided to escape, and headed to the USA to take a long overdue holiday and catch up with some friends.

As I sat on the aero plane waiting for my flight to leave for LA, I was casually flipping through the in-flight magazine and stumbled across a direct response style advertisement for a herbal anti-aging health product that I had never seen or heard of.

Massive Business Opportunity
Right In Front Of My Eyes!

During the next 14 hours I sat there furiously writing down my ideas, plans & picturing the possibilities of pursuing this massive business opportunity in my mind that was laying right before my eyes.

Before I had embarked on my Internet business career I'd much earlier graduated from college with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialising in Acupuncture, Massage & Chinese Herbal therapy.

So naturally my curiosity was piqued and had the better of me. I landed in LA and headed straight to health food store to find out as much as I could about that product and how I could get into this business and start selling my own products.

I was totally blown away after I spoke to the store manager and learnt that they couldn't keep up stock of this particular product fast enough.

It was literally flying off the shelf as soon as it came in. I was lucky enough to grab a bottle for myself so I could find out who the manufacturer was. I called them to arrange a meeting the very next day.

Who is James Brown?

James BrownSuccessful and trusted home business entrepreneur since 1997. Australian born, now married and residing in Japan with his wife & two daughters.

Graduate and former lecturer of the Australian College of Natural Medicine & Traditional Healing Arts Centre, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Other areas of expertise include business consulting, personal Internet coaching and niche affiliate marketing.

What people say about James:

"James is one of those few guys that I'll ask questions to or even call up because his business experience is top notch and I know he's always going to make me more money."
- Michael Brown (

To this day (and I know it sounds like a big steaming pile of B.S., but...) little did I know at the time that this meeting would be one of the most profound & financially rewarding things I'd ever done in my life.

I will never forget the day I discovered the herbal products business...

So Why The Herbal Product &
Supplement Niche?

Herbal Products Are Making Big News In A Bad Economy!

The above screen image shows a few positive headlines from popular news web sites about the current trends of the herbal product business.

With all the bad news & downturn in the economy stuff being hammered in the media at the moment, herbal products are still selling incredibly well!

Even Prince Charles has just recently released his own herbal line of products. What does this tell you?

This business makes a profit even in a bad economy! 

No fool, no matter how much money they have got, invests it (particularly when times are tough & EVERYBODY is watching carefully EVERY dollar they spend) to throw it all down the drain!

More Customers Are Choosing
Herbal Products!

Think about it for a moment... people are incredibly sensitive to carefully managing their budgets & spending habits right now.

So when they make a decision whether to spend $150-$250 on a pharmaceutical product or they can get the exact same thing in a herbal formula for 50%-75% less, what product do you think they are going to get?

Herbal products are the cheaper alternative, and healthier too.

Right now over 300+ Million people use the Internet to search for information on popular herbal supplements, and most of the times they buy their supplements online! Its a massive industry that is only growing...

And, lets not forget the obvious important health benefits from using a natural herbal product compared to pharmaceutical products. Consumers are now demanding safe, natural alternatives!

Introducing The Profit Herbals Pro Membership...

Everybody knows that the key to running asuccessful business is to buy low and sell high.

It's a basic fundamental principle of running a profitable business. When dealing with Real Estate, Stock Trading, or any business in general, your goal is always to buy low and sell high.

And that's exactly how it is in the herbal supplement product business and that's exactly what I'll show you how to do in my Profit Herbals Pro Membership.

I'll teach you how to get profitable, proven herbal products at rock bottom prices, and then turn around and sell those products for immediate profit.

It's a simple, proven system that anyone can follow. I've been involved in this red hot business for quite sometime now, and I have some proven herbal products that sell like crazy.

You will have access to my wholesale suppliers, where you can source your products or even have your own created for as little as $7 per bottle, and then be able to sell that same product for up to $60 per bottle based on it's perceived value & health benefits!

How would you like to be able to make $53 profit from each sale? That's a 800% profit gain!

It's easier than you think, because I'm revealing all with my step-by-step training modules you'll find with your Profit Herbals Pro Membership!


Discover The Secrets To Making Thousands Of Dollar Every Month With The Comprehensive Training In Your Profit Herbals Pro Membership!

Profit Herbals Pro Membership

Before I get into ranting and raving more about the Profit Herbals Pro Membership, I want to let you know immediately that this is NOT just another ebook where once I get your sale I bomb you with more crap!

If you're like me than you've grown tired of these guru's who barely deliver in the first place then have the gaul to pound your inbox with more mindless offers.

I'm in this for the long haul. I've been involved in the natural health industry in one way or another consistently for over 20 years.

When you become a member of the Profit Herbals Pro site you become a part of the family so to speak! I'm constantly striving to improve and add to the members area more valuable resources.

The Profit Herbals Pro Membership is a work in progress because this industry is a dynamic, vibrant marketplace with new exciting opportunities appearing all the time. Its my job to ensure you are on the cutting-edge and know the latest developments.


Secrets Of The Multi-Million Dollar Herbal Health Companies Revealed!


The Secrets Of The Multi-Million Dollar Herbal
Health Industry Can Be Yours!

The true secret of millionaires has always been to buy low, and sell high. I can't stress how important that variable is to the success of any business.

Let's just look at companies such as GNC (General Nutrition Centers), who are able to purchase items in bulk at ridiculously low prices, and then sell those products with a huge profit margin to the end consumer.

With the Profit Herbals Pro Membership, we operate on this same principle. I'll be teaching you how you can buy low, and sell high, and scale your business continuously so you can earn more money each month.

If you follow my clear and easy to follow guideline, in your first month you can make instant profit.

I teach you how you can make $5,744 your first month, and how you can double that amount by simply re-investing your profits.

And, I don't just rely on the Profit Herbals Pro Membership materials to get you started in this business.

I'm here to help you. 

I'm available via e-mail, regular audio interviews & teleseminars to go that one step further. 

Being a member of Profit Herbals means you are taken seriously & not just a way for me to pump your e-mail inbox with endless offers.

The thing I love most about this business (besides making great money) is the honest benefits you can bring to people's lives. Wait until you get your first real customer testimonial and see what I mean!


Everything Is Revealed In Profit Herbals To Make You Cash Now!

Everything Is Revealed In Profit Herbals
To Make You Cash Now And Grow Your
Business For Ever Increasing Income!


Here's a taste of what you'll discover inside the members area:

Profit Herbals  The Types Of Herbal Products - Understanding the different formats & applications of herbal products. Plus how & where to stay up-to-date on the latest herbal news & discoveries!

Profit Herbals  The Most Successful Herbal Products - You'll discover my 5 favourite best-selling types of herbal products! No guess work required. I show you which herbal products sell like hot cakes & where to get them!

Profit Herbals  Why Herbal Products Are So Successful - The inside scoop on this dynamic marketplace. Even with the downturn in the economy herbal products are still top sellers. You'll discover why!

Profit Herbals  Ways To Find Wholesale Manufacturers - How to search for herbal manufacturers in your city, state & country. I also tell you what questions to ask your potential herbal manufacturer before you even start ordering or manufacturing!

Profit Herbals  How to purchase proven products for as low as $7, and sell for up to $60 - I reveal one of my prime sources for herbal products that you can immediately profit from. I show you step-by-step a incredibly simple process to access products immediately for profit!

Profit Herbals  My Top Six List Of Wholesale Manufacturers - You get my 6 favourite herbal wholesale manufacturers that I've worked with for a number of years - I actually reveal more than this!

Profit Herbals  How To Brand Your Selected Herbal Product - How to establish your own brand name herbal products. Its easier than you think!

Profit Herbals  An Easy Method Of Shipping Your Herbal Products - I show you one of my simple shipping methods to get started super quick & easy! Also, you don't have to do this, I also reveal several other profitable options. The choice is yours!

Profit Herbals  Ensuring Your Profit (How to make $5,744 your first month) - Step-by-step I show you how to profit within 30 days! I reveal a detailed plan to get you into profit quickly.

Profit Herbals  Access to five ready-made herbal products you can brand as your own - No guess work is required! You'll have access to a proven line of topsellers that I've personally tested myself!

Profit Herbals  The best way to setup your herbal product web site - How to set up your herbal product web site for maximum profits. I also reveal some sources that will provide you with ready to go web sites!

Profit Herbals  Access to my 3 proven designers whose designs can increase your conversions - Make your web site sell! You'll get the contact details to 3 top notch designers to give your herbal product site the edge it needs!

Profit Herbals  Advertising & Promotion of your herbal product (Tips & Strategies) - I've loaded the members area with traffic generation videos to get your web site in front of hot, hungry customers ready to buy!

Profit Herbals  How to get Testimonials for your herbal product - A simple way to get your customers providing valuable real results from using your products!

Profit Herbals  Plus, So MUCH More!


Profit Herbals Core Training Modules:


Get Access To Ten Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Guide You Through The Entire Process

Ten Step By Step Videos To Guide You Through The Entire ProcessYou'll receive immediate access to TEN (10) training videos that you can download onto your computer and watch at anytime!

Each video is a step-by-step outline of how you can start profiting with your own herbal product business.

You'll discover everything from the most successful herbal products, recommended best herbal manufacturers, and exactly how to buy herbal products low and sell high!

I also reveal how to analyze your competitors and mimic their success. You'll also receive a PDF ebook that provides an outline of what you can find in the videos, along with the Profit Herbals Pro Membership resources.

Nothing is left to your imagination or is any guess work required! With the Profit Herbals Pro Membership video training you'll discover my own personal strategies for getting started today and quickly generating your first profits, & then how to repeat it over & over again!


Profit Herbals Pro Membership



Stuart Stirling

   "Hey James, It was a huge eye opener to chat with you the other day and learn just how simple it really is to start a herbal product business of your own.

I could literally imagine myself (who has no knowledge or experience in herbal products) going from nothing to running a full-tilt herbal business. I reckon it could be possible to go from just an idea to profit in 3 weeks flat!

But what you did that really blew me away was when you showed me a bottle of $130 herbal Japanese pills and then called the manufacturer in Japan directly on the phone right there and then and talked about doing a deal with them...and you can't even speak Japanese!

Luckily for you, someone there spoke English and could answer your questions. But the point is that you proved just how easy it really is! Seeing you do that gave me confidence and demolished all reasons for holding any barriers in this business.

The herbal product business has to be one of the best home-based businesses that is not only easy to run but so profitable... and your Profit Herbals Membership is the "must have" blueprint that shows even the complete beginner how to do just that.

Anyone who gets this membership and is willing to put in a little elbow grease will be very financially comfortable in a very short time.

Top job mate!"

Stuart Stirling


I'd like to say "thank you"

Takuya Hikichi

   "James, I've always wanted to sell physical products using the Internet and now you have introduced me to herbal business.

I like the fact that I can rely on the resources listed within the members' area and call on the trusted organizations that you have personally used in the past.

I'd like to say "thank you" and wanted to send you this unsolicited testimonial for literally handing me your Rolodex."

Takuya Hikichi


A Powerful Way To Make Money Online!

Michael Brown

   "Profit Herbals goes so far outside the typical realm of Internet Marketing that I had to get in there and see it. Once I was inside the course I was blown away with how easy it actually is to get your very own herbal line created!

Best of all James Brown is a pure master at making money with these type of products. This mastery comes full force when he shows you in great detail all the steps required to earn that $5,744 paycheck each month.

Trust me you can earn much more than $5,744 a month with the knowledge you'll gain in this course. 

James is one of those few guys that I'll ask questions to or even call up because his business experience is top notch and I know he's always going to make me more money.

If you're looking for a powerful way to make money online - You're on the right page. Making a boat load of money with this baby is so much easier than you can imagine. Don't wait - run to the order button and get started now!"

Michael Brown


The Profit Herbals Pro Membership Is Amazing

Jinger Jarrett

   "Well, James, you've done it again. The Profit Herbals Pro Membership is amazing. I never would have expected that starting a new business could be so easy, and I mean this is really easy. 

You've covered all of the bases: the videos are easy to follow, and the resources you offer your customers to start this business cover everything. 

I mean everything: product creation, finding ideas that will make money (something really hard to do), and it looks like it takes very little money, if any to get started.

Maybe you need to keep this information to yourself. After all, it could create a lot of competition for all of us. Maybe you need to raise the price too. It's pretty low considering the quality of the information.

Keep doing what you are doing. The Internet marketing world definitely needs more marketers like you."

Jinger Jarrett


Get YOUR Herbal Product Empire Started Today!

These are just a few of the many amazing things you'll learn in the Profit Herbals Pro Membership your ultimate guide to creating your own herbal product for big profits. After reading the guide and watching the videos, you'll have a clear understanding on how you can get started immediately.

It's really a simple and easy to follow course, that takes you through step-by-step the entire process of what you'll need to do to get your herbal product business off the ground!

Profit Herbals Pro Membership

If you want a truly legitimate home-based business that you can run in your spare-time, and make huge profits, and still have time to spend with your family, then this business is for you.

It's not a get rich quick scheme, it's not a money making scam, it's a proven business, that will make you substantial profits each month if you follow the system.

A Real Business Opportunity - Not Another Online Scheme

No more relying on these kinds of opportunities:

  • No more cash gifting
  • No more ponzi or pyramid schemes
  • No more buying get rich quick scams
  • No more promoting automated systems
  • No more struggling to make money with Adsense
  • No more trying to make money on eBay

All these types of programs may work for some, but unlike this program, they are flawed and not proven winners for everyone involved.

With the Profit Herbals Pro Membership, all it takes is to follow the simple guideline & take ACTION because it is a proven business model that can make you very, very rich!

The products are already developed, all that is left, is for you to take the bull by the horns and follow exactly what I say to start turning a profit. It's that simple!


Also Included Are Your Awesome Bonuses -
Valued At Well Over $521!

Profit Herbals  Bonus 1: Interviews & Teleseminars! (Valued at Priceless!) - I've already recorded one interview where Stuart Stirling grilled me about getting started in the herbal product biz and more about my story of creating an anti-aging herbal product. I'll be regularly adding more interviews with other successful herbal product business owners PLUS holding exclusive member only teleseminars that you can attend for FREE! I'm going to make sure you understand this business completely.

Profit Herbals  Bonus 2: How To Profit As A Herbal Product Affiliate! (Valued at $77) - Now maybe you're pressed for time or feel as though releasing your own herbal product is a bit much to handle. That's fine! You can still earn incredible commissions as a herbal product affiliate. I've prepared a whole resources section dedicated to just being a successful herbal product affiliate. You'll find a number of ready to go resources that will get you started without any guess work!

Profit Herbals  Bonus 3: I'm Here To Answer Your Questions! (Valued at $197) - Getting started in any new business can be frustrating as heck. Well, I'm here to answer those nagging questions or problems you face. Just shoot me over an e-mail and I will help you out. Ask as many questions as you like, anytime! Let me save you the headaches & solves your issues quickly & promptly.

Profit Herbals  Bonus 4: Regular Updates, New Sources & Developments! (Valued at $197) - I'm constantly finding new sources of herbal products, manufacturers & herbal formulas that I will be sharing with members on a constant basis. You'll be 2 steps ahead of anyone else in this business. Forget about trying to guess what the next best seller will be - I'll give you the jump start on 90% of your competitors!

Profit Herbals  Bonus 5: Save $50 Off The Regular Price! - At some stage in the near very near future I will be removing the special price of $47 and increasing it to $97. So take immediate advantage of being in the right place, at the right time! I seriously can't keep it at this price for much longer.

Profit Herbals Pro Membership

Profit Herbals Pro Membership F.A.Q.
Profit Herbals Pro Membership F.A.Q.

1. How much cash do I need to realistically get started?

- Well, depending on your budget most people get started in this business for between $300-$500 or MUCH LESS! You can spend more if you want to go full steam into private labeling or developing your own product. However, I show you a complete, proven system to get started with a small amount of product & can earn a handsome profit!

2. Are there any licensing or legal requirements?

- In most cases no. It depends on the country you live in, but since you are dealing with wholesalers with already licensed products then you are fine. However, like all legal matters, you should speak with an expert. You'll also find your wholesalers/manufacturers to be great sources of details for particular herbal products.

3. Do I have to stock a lot of product?

- NO! You can start with a small amount very comfortably. I also show you wholesalers that will drop ship & fulfil your orders on your behalf. And, for those who are too busy to worry about any of it, then I've put together an excellent affiliate resource kit to help you still profit from this business... so no matter how little or much you want to get involved there is an opportunity for you!

4. Do I need a company tax ID? - Do some manufacturers or wholesalers require one?

- NO! Many manufacturers & wholesalers do not require a company tax id for them to work with you. There are a few that do require but there are so many other options that its not really an issue. You can start your business as a sole proprietor and grow from there.

5.Can I start small and still make a profit?

- YES!! This is the ideal business to start small. Many members have started from their kitchen table part-time. With excellent profit margins you can easily make an excellent return. Its just a matter of applying some elbow grease, commitment and taking ACTION!


Zero Risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Zero Risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Zero Risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee - "I understand that I am fully protected by the 100% Money Back Guarantee! If, for any reason, within 30 days, I am not 100% satisfied that Profit Herbals is exactly as described, I can request a full, no questions asked refund."


Get Your Profit Herbals Pro Membership Now...

Profit HerbalsYes, James! I am ready to earn $5,744 a month using the Profit Herbals Pro Membership! Thanks for making it such a no-brainer!

I also understand that it doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m in the morning, my order & membership will be delivered and accessible instantly!

My Membership Grants Me:

  • Full Access To The Private Members Area!

  • Ten Step-By-Step Videos To Guide You Through The Entire Process!

  • PDF eBook That Completely Outlines The Videos & Resources!

  • Access To My Private Rolodex Of Herbal Business Resources

  • PLUS, most importantly I can contact you anytime & about anything to do with this business & you'll answer me personally!

PLUS, Your Amazing Bonuses! Don't forget you get to claim over $521 in extra useful training & bonuses that will further your herbal product profits!

I also appreciate your no-hassle 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee and I that I can lock in my order right now for the amazingly low introductory price of just $97 $47!

So here's my order... I understand that I will be charged $47 One Time Only - For Full Complete Access! (NO monthly charges ever!)

Become A Profit Herbals Member Now!

Profit Herbals Pro Membership

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m in the morning, your membership will be delivered instantly! Order is fulfilled through PayPal's Secure Processing Visa/Mastercard/Amex Accepted!


I want to say thanks for reading this letter and considering the Profit Herbals Pro Membership. Best wishes to you and your family.


James Brown

P.S. I will be pulling the introductory price of $47 anytime and raising it to $97 at any time without warning. Jump on this offer today or risk paying more later!

Continue Helping People!

Dr. Roberta

   "Hey James, Although I am retired and no longer going to the office every day to work on patients, I can use your Profit Herbals business model to continue helping people and to make some extra money in the process.

Those of us who become doctors do so because we want to help others feel better and get well. Then, when we retire, it leaves a big empty space when we can't.

Thanks for giving me another way to continue helping people's lives...including my own! I feel great that I can still earn an income and help people feel healthy!

Dr. RJ Peters

P.P.S. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get professional help and training on how to start your own herbal product business from home to bring wealth into your family's life while making a difference to other people's lives.

Profit Herbals Pro Membership

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